Our Staff

A compassionate team of professionals.

Our interdisciplinary team is here to provide the best care, enhance the well-being of our residents, and enable them to live their lives to the fullest. We also work closely with local healthcare professionals to ensure access to needed medical services, ranging from onsite visits to booking appointments. We always consider our residents’ need for independence, in accordance with their Personal Wellness Plan, and an ongoing respect for their privacy.

Our wellness team includes:

• Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Personal Care Attendants on staff 24/7
• Physician
• Recreation specialist
• Registered dietician
• Other healthcare professionals as required


Our Management Team


Jennifer Carroll

General Manager

Born and raised in Gander, NL, Jenny graduated with a BBA in management from St. FX University before starting a career in small business and economic development. She then spent several years in the energy industry and brings more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and communications to her role as General Manager. A nurturer by nature, Jenny is also a very good listener, two attributes which go a long way as she and her team support residents and their families. Lack of social media evidence aside (she doesn’t “do” Facebook), Jenny loves spending her out-of-office time with her husband, friends, and family, usually doing some combination of cooking and entertaining.


Maria Tracy

Director of Care

Our Director of Care is a Registered Nurse with more than forty years of experience, including leadership roles at St. Clare’s and with Eastern Health. Although it’s now be en quite a while since she arrived from Ireland, Maria remains strongly connected to her roots, and enjoys sharing Irish traditions with her children and grandchildren, especially at her favourite time of year, Christmas.


Edwina Kirkland

Healthcare / Operations Consultant

Edwina has been working and innovating in the field of seniors living for many years. A registered nurse, and past-president of SeniorsNL, she’s helped develop several seniors facilities, and has won awards for her work. Edwina is an avid baseball fan, and coached minor league baseball in NL.


Pamela Thoms


Pamela is a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Dietitians, and has practiced in Newfoundland, Ontario and Alberta in the areas of public health, diabetes management, primary care, and private consulting. A runner and a gardener in her spare time, she loves to see the beautiful things that come from getting her hands dirty and putting in the work to bring her garden to life.


Dr. Brad King


Dr. King gained an interest in geriatric medicine during his training, after completing medical school right here at Memorial, and now considers care of elderly patients his area of focus. Brad grew up in Shoal Harbour and loves to hike all over the island with his wife and two kids, enjoying being active while experiencing the natural beauty of our province.


Maurizio Modica

Culinary Operations Manager

Maurizio brings his talents and skills to the Residence every day to create delicious and healthy meals for all of our guests. Trained in Europe, he has been the executive chef for a number of companies since he arrived in Newfoundland, and the one-time restaurant owner is very happy that working at the Residence allows for a much more enjoyable work/life balance than chefs normally manage. At the end of the day he’s excited to get home with his family – where his wife handles most of the cooking, and he gets most of the credit.


Kimberly Edwards

Director of Community Relations

With a background in the hospitality industry, a degree in business administration and experience working in the senior living industry, Kimberly was a natural choice to take the lead welcoming new residents and ensuring move-ins are seamless and stress-free. As a Mom of three teens (and two poodles) she’s more than prepared to coordinate the team at the Residence to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Silvo Hernesniemi

Recreation Specialist

With a background in music, dance, and painting, Silvo brings an artist’s energy to his work. He completed his degree in Therapeutic Recreation and a Master of Science in Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge, where his work helped to establish a Canadian Centre of Excellence for Therapeutic Recreation in Continuing Care. He and his twin brother Miika are artists, and have painted more than a dozen murals in healthcare facilities. Even more impressively, they are both accomplished dancers, and perform with the first Ukrainian Dance Company. Silvo also performs with the Kittiwake Dance Theatre and does ballet, as evidenced by his perfect posture. He’s passionate about Finnish culture (as a Finnish-Canadian himself), and loves learning about philosophy, psychology, and the arts.


Miika Hernesniemi

Recreation Specialist

Miika truly enjoys sharing meaningful and life-enhancing activities with our residents, and in his role he gets to do just that. He works with people of all ages and abilities, and believes that therapeutic recreation is fundamental to healthy aging. He completed a Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation and Master of Science in Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge, and has a Diploma in Logotherapy from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland. He also works with children and youth at an emergency placement home. With his brother Silvo, Miika performs with the Dolya Ukrainian Dance Company alongside newcomers from Ukraine, and enjoys painting and playing musical instruments.


Lori Mercer

Accounting Administrator

A traveller with a love of good food, Lori loves working with the team at Littledale. Her background in finance and administration with major banks and small businesses, has prepared her for many of the questions that come up in her job. She loves spending her free time enjoying good food with family and friends, and believes that if life hands you lemons, give them back – you deserve chocolate!


Ashley Reddy

Office Manager

With almost two decades of experience in customer service, Ashley knows how to stay on top of every situation and as our office manager she handles every day with confidence and skill. She loves taking the time to chat with the residents, and has found a deeper purpose in her work here. When she’s not at the Residence, she enjoys cooking up a storm with her son alongside her.