Making the decision

Is The Residence at Littledale for me?

You may find yourself asking, “Is living in a senior’s residence for me?”

We understand that this is not a question that is easily answered. And it may take some time. It’s a deeply personal decision that can have people considering loss of independence, dignity, and their normal day-to-day lives.

When you live here, however, you’re still the same person you were before. Yes, it’s a change of lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your independence or a sign of your age. If anything, the amenities we provide can greatly improve your quality of life and leave you feeling re-energized.

It also doesn’t mark an undignified move. Maybe it’s for medical issues, the convenience of no longer having to maintain a house, to meet people your age, or to be more involved in a community? Whatever the time, there are many great reasons for deciding to live here.

Questions to ask yourself.

If you’re considering becoming a resident, ask yourself:

• Could extra help in specific areas of my life help me be more independent?
• Does living in my home put my safety at risk?
• Has my decision-making ability concerning my health and well-being changed?
• Do I need some assistance managing my finances?
•Is it just time for a change?

Benefits of living at the Residence.

In addition to the peace of mind that comes from comfortable and supportive surroundings, there are many other reasons why living at The Residence at Littledale can leave you feeling happier, healthier, and more independent.

Community and social opportunities.

At The Residence, you’ll find yourself living amongst others, with common interests, values, and backgrounds. A lively and fulfilling social life awaits just outside your door.

Safety and security.

Our grounds are situated safely within the Littledale complex, tucked away from the main road and pedestrian traffic. There are secure doors in and out of the building, with security present 24/7. In the unfortunate event of a trip or fall, there is always someone around to come to your aid. Suites are also equipped with nurse call system for any occurrence requiring immediate help.

Care-free living.

Living at home comes with endless responsibilities, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or property upkeep. This is your time to finally relax and let someone else handle all of that workload.

Personal growth opportunities.

Simplifying your life by eliminating time-consuming responsibilities allows you to explore and learn countless new things. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take up painting, or devote more time to expanding your library? Well, this is your chance. Decluttering your mind opens your imagination and energy to personal passions. We offer regularly scheduled art classes, music appreciation, book clubs, and many other engaging activities.

Simplified healthy living.

Take comfort in knowing our experienced nursing staff are here to regularly monitor your health and well-being. Stay active with our convenient onsite fitness centre, and avail of a recreation program designed with you in mind. You can also take advantage of the proximity to Bowring Park and surrounding walking trails for a brisk daily stroll.

Unexpected affordability.

No longer living at home frees up your finances in ways that may not initially occur to you. Gas, groceries, house maintenance, bills, and other regular, ongoing expenses are no longer an issue, thus reducing your stress and simplifying your life.